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Developed by Harley-Davidson®, the Boom!™ Audio line is a collection of integrated audio components designed to give you the best audio experience available for your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. With higher audio quality and greater output levels, Boom!™ Audio products provide you with an enhanced motorcycling experience without compromising your motorcycle's performance.

Boom!™ Audio components are subjected to the same test criteria as Harley-Davidson® motorcycles to ensure they will function well in harsh motorcycling environments. This means they are waterproof, UV resistant and vibration-tested to meet strict Harley-Davidson® standards of quality.


Boom!™ Audio systems are designed to be loud enough to cut through road noise without sacrificing the basic qualities of high fidelity, such as accurate reproduction of the complete frequency range of music, smooth musical balance and clarity. Lightweight by design, Boom!™ Audio speaker systems use neodymium magnets, which are light, small and very powerful, to achieve the same strength as much heavier speakers, at one-tenth the size and weight.

Boom!™ Audio offers plug-n-pay connectivity, meaning new harnesses can fasten to all existing connections on a motorcycle without cutting and splicing wires so speakers and amps can fit easily - without having to add adapters or modify existing parts. No one needs to cut into a perfectly good working harness and risk making an inadequate connection.

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Boom!™ Audio Stage I systems allow customers to take their sound to the level beyond Original Equipment systems. The speakers are larger than stock to produce louder and deeper bass and better balance sound quality. With the addition of Boom!™ Audio amplifiers, the larger speakers can produce more volume at all frequencies. A custom EQ was developed for each configuration of speakers to get the most out of the Stage I system.
  • Boom!™ Audio Fairing Speaker Kits
  • Boom!™ Audio Tour-Pak® Luggage Carrier Speaker Kits
  • Boom!™ Audio Saddlebag Speaker Kit
  • Boom!™ Audio Fairing Lower Speaker Kit
  • Boom!™ Audio Amplifier & Speaker Expansion Kits
  • Boom!™ Audio Boom! Bagger Amp & Speaker Kits


Boom!™ Audio Stage II systems give customers the very best sound experience available on the market. The main difference is the Stage II kits have a bi-amplified, three-way design. Stage II speakers feature a woofer, a mid-range, and a tweeter that allow frequencies to be delivered with the best driver design so each speaker can play louder and clearer than the Stage I two-way speaker systems. Powering each Boom!™ Audio Stage II speaker requires two channels from the accessory namplifier. One channel powers the woofer and another powers the mid-range/tweeter combo, for a total of 150 watts per speaker. This doubles the amount of power driving the speakers compared to Stage I speakers. New equalizers were developed for Stage II to take advantage of the new drivers and additional power to allow finer tuning, clearer and deeper sound and louder bass with less distortion.

  • Boom!™ Audio Stage II Saddlebag Speaker Kit*
  • Boom!™ Audio Stage II Fairing Lower Speaker Kit*
  • Boom!™ Audio Stage II Fairing Speaker Kit*
  • Boom!™ Audio Stage II Tour-Pak® Luggage Carrier Speaker Kit*
  • Boom!™ Audio Stage II Fairing Speaker Kit – Road Glide® Model*
  • Boom!™ Audio Stage II Trike Tour-Pak® Luggage Carrier Speaker Kit*

*Additional parts required for installation.

Note: Color-matched components are available.


The Harley-Davidson® High Output Charging System ensures you have sufficient power to meet audio needs. At idle, this system delivers a 30 percent increase in output, which equals an additional six amps of current (or approximately 78 watts of power). The system is required when installing three or four amplifier kits coupled with other electrical accessories.

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